Greig Hamilton, Horleys Intelligent Nutrition Ambassador successfully completes the Barkley Marathons Race on 3rd attempt with a "Never give up" attitude and determination. Fueled of course by Horleys Replace Gels and Electrolytes.

9 April 2024

HORLEYS INTELLIGENT NUTRITION is excited to launch our Elite range Pre-Workout products.
“EXPLOSIVE FORMULA FOR ENERGY AND FOCUS” with natural flavour and sweetener.
Made in Masterton, New Zealand and Halal certified.

12 September 2022

Easy practical tips to make weight loss faster, more enjoyable and sustainable!

12 February 2018

Read on for some essentials about creatine, including Benefits, What it is and what it does, Sources, How much you need, and What to look for in a supplement.

31 October 2017

Boost your exercise results with these tips for muscle recovery using active recovery, deliberate rest and nutrition/hydration.

20 August 2017

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