Weight loss should be a fulfilling physical journey, never a struggle, whether you’re training to compete or simply keen to improve your wellbeing.

It’s vital to be realistic with your expectations, and to maintain a happy and vibrant mindset. Don’t focus on what you can’t control, like genetics, but rather focus on what you can, like the quality of your training and nutrition.

Become more aware of your energy needs, balancing calories in with calories burned. Eating small meals more frequently will help this, and also better control your blood sugars to keep your metabolism in balance.

Remember, effective training is not all about endless cardio. Don’t forget the benefits of resistance and high intensity exercise to give you greater and faster results.  


How Horleys can help you achieve your goal:

Protein is commonly associated with muscle gain but it is also really important for weight loss and helping you feel satisfied. Horleys Ripped and Sculpt for Women are formulated with high protein plus additional ingredients to assist with fat metabolism and maximise your results.

When you’re pressed for time or on the go, Horleys Carb Less Protein bars and Protein Hit Low Carb Drink are handy snacks or small meals to carry with you.

For a quick snapshot of recommended products specific to goal and body type, see here.

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