Ricky Kee-Sue

Ricky Kee-Sue

Discipline: Natural Bodybuilding – Men’s Physique Athlete

Which Horleys products do you use?

BCAA Max: What can I say, best tasting aminos I have tried. I love both flavours and they mix extremely well.

100% Whey Plus: Great protein to mix in with your breakfast; mixes well, taste is amazing, one of the best blends I have tried.

Horleys Elite MASS: As someone who needs the extra calories to meet my macros, this is a good clean and delicious choice. It mixes well with food and doesn’t make you fat.

Protein 33 Low Carb Bars: For the times the diet gets too hard and I’m dying for something to eat, these fit my macros very easily and taste amazing. I can enjoy without feeling guilty.

Protein 33 Energy Bars: Great meal replacement for when I’m on the go.


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More about me

Tell us about yourself:

I was born and raised in Wellington. I have always loved sport and being physically active, challenging myself and pushing limits. At school I played a huge variety of sports including soccer, basketball, rugby, swimming and track - I love the competitive side of sports. In my early 20’s I took up bodybuilding to challenge myself to naturally push my body to its limits.

During the day I work as a panelbeater and after I finish work I head to the gym were the real fun begins. There’s something about lifting weights that is quite relaxing for me, it’s a great way to end my day.

My biography

How did you get into your sport?

I have always been a small guy. I had the old 'skinny-fat' body. One day I decided I would change that, so I signed up to my local gym and away I went. At the time I knew nothing. All I did was go in picked up a weight do a few reps and leave, it wasn’t until I came across a bodybuilders Facebook page I decide to really go hard, I started googling workouts, and testing my body with different training styles until I found what worked for me. The hardest part was watching what I ate, learning to count macros and meal placement.

After a few years of training people started coming up to me noticing the changes I had made and asked me what I did. After sharing my knowledge with them a few people suggested I step on stage and give competing ago, so that’s what I did and haven’t looked back since.

Every day I learn more and more, it’s great to share my knowledge and inspire people and let them know you can do it.


Training and Nutrition Philosophy

If you have the drive and discipline, you can achieve anything.

If it was easy everyone would look like Arnold.


Favourite Products

Sporting Achievements


  • 1st Men’s Physique Open International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) Taupo Championships 2016
  • 2nd Men’s Physique Novice International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) Taupo Championships 20162nd place Fitness Model INBA Taupo Championships
  • 6th Men’s Physique Open INBA Natural Olympia Championships Las Vegas



  • 5th Place Men’s Physique Open Wellington NZIFBB


Biggest achievement so far and why?

Representing New Zealand at the 2016 Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Championships in Las Vegas.

Getting selected was a dream come true after years of hard work, and going away to represent my country was amazing. All the hard work and dedication that went in to the training and the diet prep making sure I was the best I could be.

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