In pursuit of greater performance or an improved physique, many people push gym sessions to the limits to achieve their muscle mass goals. But gaining muscle takes more than just time in the gym. Of course you’re not going to get results without sweat, but diet and recovery are both as important as your workouts themselves.

Achieving muscle gains is a slow and steady process so it’s useful to understand how your body builds muscle through diet, exercise and recovery.

In short, eating the right diet provides you with ready fuel to make more muscle tissue, your workout stimulates muscle growth (by first damaging the fibres) and during recovery your muscle fibres grow back bigger and stronger.

When it comes to diet, achieving muscle mass requires enough protein to feed the repair and growth of muscle tissue, and enough carbs to provide all the energy your body needs to fuel anabolic processes.

Remember, muscle gain can only happen at the speed of your body so give yourself plenty of time to succeed and enjoy each step on your journey.


Reach your goals with Horleys:

Often people find it hard to accurately calculate their nutrient intake each day so high quality supplements are a convenient way to optimise your diet.

Horleys ICE WPI delivers the purest, fastest-absorbed protein possible. It contains 90% pure cation exchange Whey Protein Isolate, giving you the optimal post-workout BCAA injection to ensure muscles can repair and grow after each session. Mixed with a fast carb source like Horleys Replace, your muscles have all they need to start growing.

To ensure you get your nutrients soon after exercise to support recovery, snacks like Protein 33 or Protein Hit drink provide a convenient source of quality protein and carbs you can take on the go.

Protein supplements boosted with carbs and fats, along with additional nutrients, also offer an easy way to boost your calorie intake and ensure you're taking in a surplus of energy to enable gains to occur. Horleys MASS is a specialised mass gainer that's loaded with nutrients to support your overall diet. HUGE is also a good option - particularly if you are a hard-gainer.

For a quick snapshot of recommended products specific to goal and body type, see here.

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