Muscle Mass Gain: 1-Day Eating Plan

Below is an example of a 1-day eating plan to support a muscle mass gain training programme. This is a sample only and it is advisable to consult a dietician or nutritionist before embarking on a serious diet plan, to ensure it is suited for your needs. It is also a good idea to ensure your daily food intake is varied and high in whole foods to give you a wide range of nutrients, and people of different activity levels and weights may require different quantities.

8am: Meal 1
  • Serious Cereal: add one scoop of Awesome Mass or HUGE to 200ml milk and blend, then pour over 1 cup low fat, high fibre breakfast cereal
  • 3 slices wholemeal toast with vegemite/marmite or peanut butter
  • One multivitamin
10am: Meal 2
  • English muffin or fruit bar
  • Awesome Mass or HUGE shake (one serve made in a blender according to directions) with one banana added
1pm: Meal 3
  • Large baked potato with a handful of diced lean meat (ham, beef, chicken), 2 cold boiled eggs & 2 tomatoes


  • 1½ cups cooked brown rice with 200g lean chicken & 2 cups green vegetables


  • 3 sandwiches made with wholemeal bread, tuna or turkey filling with salad greens & grated cheese; and 1 piece of fruit and a pottle of full fat, free from added sugars yoghurt

4pm: Meal 4

Horleys Protein 33 bar plus large glass of water (with 2 scoops of AminoXL) or green tea

5pm: (Weight
  • Drink a minimum of 500ml of Horleys Replace Sports Drink during your workout

6pm: Meal 5

  • 2 scoops ICE Whey and 1 scoop CreatineXtreme blended in 300ml Replace Sports Drink
7pm: Meal 6
  • 200g lean red meat or 300g grilled fish or skinless chicken, plus as many steamed vegetables as you like and a fist sized serve of sweet potato
  • Dessert: optional, but suggest one cup of canned fruit or creamed rice
Before Bed:
  • One scoop of Awesome Mass blended with 200ml milk




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