Healthy weight gain is a process that takes patience, planning and persistence. Your body has control mechanisms for fuel storage, energy consumption and protein turnover, which means a healthy rate of weight gain will happen slowly but surely.

Although it’s generally not talked about as much as dieting, gaining weight can be just as hard for some people as losing weight is for others. Your plan must include a whole food diet with enough protein, deliberate training and plenty of rest.

Plainly diet is the most vital element, as you must consume a surplus of energy and nutrients each day. Just like managing weight-loss, eating frequent small meals will help you become more mindful of your eating habits and also can help you to up the volume you eat without feeling too full.

Training should focus on strength to build more muscle mass, but avoid excess cardio or endurance as they both consume too much energy.

Remember that your body releases essential growth hormones at night, which repair your muscles and make them grow back bigger, so managing your rest and recovery is an essential consideration too.


How Horleys can help you achieve your goal:

Quality nutritional supplements like Horleys protein powders help you optimise your diet during the weight gain process, especially if you’re struggling to eat enough or to increase the number of small meals you eat.

Try Horleys ICE WPI post-workout to provide fast-absorbed high-quality protein to fatigued muscles and assist in rebuilding muscle tissue for increased muscle mass.

To supplement meals or as a smaller snack or meal, a mass-gainer protein blend like Horleys HUGE, which is high in good carbs and includes vitamins and minerals will help to boost the overall calorie density of your diet.

Additional supplements that maximise effectiveness of your strength training will help too. Use Horleys BCAA Max before and during your workout to support muscle growth.  

For a quick snapshot of recommended products specific to goal and body type - see here.


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