Muscles do most of their growing and repair after your training session so it’s vital to have a regular post-workout routine. How you manage your exercise recovery will also affect your performance next time you train, help to prevent injury and see you reach your goals faster by keeping you in fighting fit condition.

Your needs will depend entirely on your training goals but should always factor in stretching and cool-down, enough rest, good hydration, and smart nutrition. You need to get the right mix of nutrients to replenish your energy, repair muscle tissue and kick start protein synthesis.


How Horleys can help

Once you’ve completed your workout, it’s best to get some nutrients on board within 30-60 mins, followed by a meal within 1.5-2hrs. You can complement your diet with a quick and convenient supplement that is formulated for your goals.

If you’re after lean muscle, a protein source combined with some carbohydrate within 30 minutes is good – such as Horleys 100% Whey Plus (for maintenance), MASS (for gains), or a convenient snack bar like Protein 33 if you're on the go. Stacking protein with additional supplements like BCAA Max will help you recover faster, beat fatigue and maximise your strength, particularly if you’re looking for muscle gains.

If you are focused on weight loss, go for a higher percentage protein source like ICE WPI, Ripped, or 100% Whey Plus within 60 minutes.

If you are recovering from high intensity or endurance exercise of 60 minutes or more, make sure you rehydrate and replenish the carbohydrates you have burned and electrolytes you have lost through sweat: try mixing ICE WPI into Replace sports drink.

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