Regardless of whether it’s mental or physical energy, most of us feel like we could do with more.

Keeping fit, and ensuring you don’t overtrain are important factors, but focusing on your nutrition is the surest way to make a noticeable difference, because the nutrients you consume power every cellular process in your body.

This includes muscle performance, repair and growth, so if you’re very physically active, getting enough energy to fuel training and recovery is even more important. What’s more, if you’re feeling physically exhausted, staying motivated becomes that much harder, and you’ll be tempted to give your workout a miss or grab that 3pm chocolate bar.

Protein is crucial, providing the building blocks for your body to grow and repair muscle, but it also helps to boost your metabolism and prevent sudden spikes in blood sugar that can crash your energy levels. Carbs are your body’s easiest source of available energy, so good varied wholefood sources of both are important to include in your diet, along with fat, minerals and vitamins.

If you want to feel an immediate boost in energy levels, you can then add additional supplements and stimulants to a well-balanced baseline diet.

What you need all comes down to your physical goals and your body’s requirements.


How Horleys can help:

Protein powders and supplements provide a convenient and cost effective way to boost your diet and control specific quantities of the different nutrients you take in, allowing you to choose a combination that’s suited for your energy needs.

For cellular energy to support sustained endurance sports (over 60 minutes), you’ll need a fast carbohydrate source to provide immediate fuel to working muscles. Horleys Replace combines readily available carbs, along with hydration and electrolytes to replenish those lost in sweat. 

If you’re limiting carbs to lose weight and struggling to keep energy levels up, go for a high-protein, low-carb supplement. Ripped fat loss protein powder also contains caffeine to boost your energy levels, along with additional ingredients to support metabolism and fat loss, and extra vitamins and minerals to fortify your diet.

High-protein snacks like Carb Less bars can help to stave off hunger pangs, and give you a filling boost between meals without loading you up on excess carbs.

Or, if you’re looking to build muscle or add mass to your frame, you’ll need a calorie-dense protein powder that also contains quality carbs and some fat to provide your body the energy surplus it needs for muscle growth. Horleys MASS is our premium blend to boost the overall calorie-density of your diet, helping you add muscle mass. Horleys HUGE also help to add calories to a baseline diet and are especially good for hard-gainers who struggle to gain weight.


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