If you’re after lean, toned muscles without the bulk, the key elements to your success are going to be similar to those wanting to build muscle mass: focusing on a diet high in protein to support muscle repair and growth, but with more of an emphasis on cardio, active recovery, and slightly more limited carbohydrates.

To gain lean muscle without gaining fat, many people are tempted to eliminate carbs completely, but if you don’t supply your body with enough energy to fuel anabolic activity and grow muscles you won’t have the energy for your workouts or to see effective growth. Focus on losing fat first, then exercise consistently along with a solid baseline diet to fuel muscle growth.

Eating regular small meals will help to maintain metabolic activity (preventing fat gain), while stabilising your blood sugar and keeping you sated and fuelled for your workouts without over-indulging or straying from your balanced diet. 


How Horleys can help:

Using a quality protein powder is a fast and easy way of ensuring you get enough protein, in addition to regular whole food sources as part of a varied diet.

Horleys ICE WPI is ideal for lean muscle building, as it contains 90% pure high-quality protein that is extremely readily absorbed to refuel your muscles, and is also ultra low in fat and carbs. If you're consuming immediately after a workout, add berries or a banana, or blend it with Horleys Replace to add a source of fast carbs to speed up recovery and replace glycogen your body used during working out.

Breakfast is a great time to eat your carbs, as the nutrients you consume first thing get absorbed efficiently rather than being stored as fat. Make a smoothie with your choice of protein powder and fruit.

BCAA Max is an additional supplement that can support your workouts for accelerated results.  It provides the key BCAAs already broken down and ready to fuel muscle growth along with b-vitamins for energy production and electrolytes.

Specially designed with women’s lifestyles in mind, Sculpt protein powder is high in protein and formulated to support women with an active fitness programme to stay slim, toned and nourished.

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