Water is the single most important nutrient for our bodies, yet we often overlook the role of hydration and electrolyte balance on our training. Humans are 60% water, so even tiny changes can have a huge impact on performance.

The key is staying on top of your hydration right throughout the day; and for most circumstances, this just means drinking water. Stay hydrated well before you intend to train, then manage it through your workout and particularly important, post workout too.

For top performance, always stay mindful of your fluid intake and establish a good hydration routine into your eating, workout and recovery plan.


How Horleys can help

Because of the impact of high intensity exercise, sports people have additional needs to consider. When we sweat we also lose electrolyte salts, which are vital for our bodies to maintain good muscle function.

Use an electrolyte supplement like Horleys Replace when you maintain your fluid balance both pre and post workout. Horleys Replace also provides a readily available and easily absorbed carbohydrate source for athletes exercising for more than 90 mins.

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