Replace Electrolyte
Replace Electrolyte
Replace Electrolyte
Replace Electrolyte
Replace Electrolyte

Replace Powder

Specialised carbohydrate and electrolyte sports drink scientifically formulated to rapidly hydrate and replenish fluids and electrolytes.

BEST FOR : Replenishing fluids, electrolytes and energy you need to delay the onset of fatigue and may assist in the prevention of muscle cramping.  Ideal for use before, during and after sport or heavy physical activity lasting longer than 60 minutes

  • Encourages fluid uptake
  • Delivers readily available energy
  • Can prevent or treat mild dehydration
  • 7.2% carbohydrate for rapid gastric emptying and superior hydration to plain water
  • Isotonic (320 milli0smol/L) to maintain fluid balance
  • Higher sodium to enhance palatability and promote fluid retention++


Sports drinks are unique in the sense that their composition is quite different from fruit juice, energy drinks and flavoured waters.  They contain the optimum amount of carbohydrates as well as sodium which enhances the rate of absorption of fluid and carbohydrate, reduces fluid lossess (by decreasing urine output) and also increases thirst.

Years of research shows that for exercise lasting anywhere from 60 minutes to several hours, drinking carbohydrate beverages significantly boosts performance compared to drinking plain water.  According to the same research you can expect an improvement in endurance of about 20% or more in sessions lasting longer than 90 minutes.


SIZE:  Replace Electrolyte is available in 1.6kg bags and 580g tubs

FLAVOURS: Try our three great flavours:

  • Lemon Lime  (1.6kg & 580g)
  • Orange Mango (1.6kg & 580g)
  • Raspberry (580g)


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