Melanie Burke

Melanie Burke

Discipline: Ironman Triathlon

Throughout my sporting career I have used many Horleys products and have found them to be far superior, and exactly what I need. The electrolyte drinks such as Replace are the best tasting as well as being high performance, and the Carb Less protein bars have the least amount of fat and sugar that I’ve been able to find anywhere, which helps when trying to shed a bit of extra weight! The range of products in the whey protein range is also great, especially with Sculpt which is designed for women.

More about me

Tell us about yourself

I’m originally from Wanganui, where I grew up on a small farm just out of town. I moved to Auckland in 2001 and have been here since. I’ve been involved in sports my whole life, and from a competitive level since about 16. My list of sports include Rowing, Running, Cycling, Duathlon and Triathlon. I have always worked full time so have learnt to manage my time well between work, sport and everything else.


My biography

How did you get into your sport?

Having done running, cycling and duathlon at a competitive level I thought it made sense to learn to swim and give Ironman Triathlons a go. That was a bit of a challenge having never swum before, but I eventually got my speed to a level where I could keep up with a few of the professional women. I really enjoy the Ironman, it is definitely a good endurance test!

Training and Nutrition Philosophy

Nutrition is extremely important in all levels of sport but especially at the high performance end. Having a low amount of body fat is important in sports such as Ironman where you carry your own body weight, so I need to eat lean, healthy foods. Products such as Ripped Factors help and are also full of much needed vitamins and minerals, including a nutrient absorption enhancer. It is also extremely important before and during an Ironman to fully hydrate with electrolyte drinks high in sodium and carbohydrates such as Replace to help avoid ‘hitting the wall’.


Favourite Products

Sporting Achievements


  • 3rd Professional woman, Ironman Australia



  • 3rd Professional woman, Ironman New Zealand



  • 26th Professional woman, Ironman World Champs, Kona
  • 2nd Professional woman, Ironman Cairns
  • 3rd Professional woman, Ironman Australia



  • 2nd Taupo Half Ironman



  • 1st Elite woman, World Long Distance Duathlon Champs, Zofingen, Switzerland



  • 1st National Club Cycling Champs, Road race, Hawkes Bay



  • 1st New Zealand Marathon Champs, New Plymouth



  • 4th Rowing World Champs, womens elite coxless four, Seville, Spain


Biggest sporting achievement so far and why?

Winning the World Long Distance Duathlon Champs, it was an amazing feeling becoming a World Champion



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