Gone are the days when the recommendation was to restrict calories and go hungry in order to lose weight.  The focus now is on the quality of the calories, not the quantity.  Good, nutrient dense foods that fill you up without weighing you down.


Sculpt is your perfect partner for weight loss.  It’s high in protein, meaning it keeps you fuller for longer making it a smart, healthy option than helps you to control appetite as well as boost your metabolism.


How to use Sculpt to support effective weight loss:

  • If you’re pushed for time and have no healthy food handy, have a Sculpt protein shake for a quick but filling breakfast or lunch on the go. 
  • Boost your fruit or vegetable smoothie with Sculpt, or add a scoop to cooked oats for a more sustaining breakfast.  The extra protein that Sculpt provides will get you through the morning much better than just cereal or toast. 
  • Just got in the door and you’re starving?  Have a Sculpt shake to give your body just what it needs to keep going until dinner plus keep your metabolism running in top gear
  • Rather than having too many unsatisfying calories from the biscuit tin, bakery, or vending machine, make a Sculpt shake.  It’s more filling and will provide you with longer lasting energy
  • Exercise is your best friend for sustainable weight loss – building lean muscle means you will burn more calories at rest.  Help your muscle recover with a Sculpt shake 30 to 60 minutes after you exercise.  You’ll provide your muscles with what they need to recover, repair and rebuild as well as satisfy post workout hunger  

Coming in the next blog: we talk about the ingredients in Sculpt that support fat loss.

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