L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is beneficial for fat loss!  Sculpt has one of the highest dosages of L-carnitine per serve (Sculpt Vanilla Dream has 86mg/serve whilst a competitor brand has 1.2mg/serve).

If you are looking to get lean this is the amino acid for you. 

This well researched supplement not only aids in fat-burning but also has the potential to enhance exercise performance and recovery.

How does it benefit me?

  1. Helps transport fat into the mitochondria cells.  Here fatty acids are oxidised (burnt), then used by the body as fuel.  It ensures less fat gets stored as body fat, and instead gets used for energy.
  2. Improves endurance and performance.   L-Carnitine helps to inhibit the build-up of lactic acid in muscles, one of the primary causes of fatigue.  This means it helps you work out harder for longer, which in turn boosts fat loss.  
  3. Helps muscle recovery.  Supplementing with L-carnitine helps speed both short and long-term recovery from intense exercise.  You’ll feel less sore, and feel more energised. 

Including additional sources of L-Carnitine in your diet, which includes consuming Sculpt, can improve mental and physical performance and can be used to achieve optimum health. 

Want to know more of the science?   Read more about L-carnitine

Coming in the next blog: why women should lift weights for fat loss (without the fear of bulking).

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