1st Australian Titles 40+ Figure Champ

1st Oceania 35+ Figure Champion

5th Oceania Open Figure 


Because it was pretty much the Australian Nationals the line up was an incredible standard, making the wins even more amazing!


I thought I’d send you through a selection of pics. Feel free to use that you want!


So I already have a plan for 2023!!


Now I shift straight into off-season for some improvements & gains.


My next goal to compete in the ICN World Champs in Italy in November 2023. My plan will be to do the qualifying ICN competition in Hawkes Bay in August as my first from the off-season.


Then I will either do Nationals or Oceanias again around Sept/Oct then aim to peak for Worlds in November! How exciting is that!!


So I am already starting to think about saving. I will look to do some more fundraising in 2023. And I’ll also try to find a bikini sponsor etc to help as well. I have lots of time but I know it will go fast. Having this goal will also help fuel me through off season and there’s nothing like going to the gym with a purpose!


Thanks so much again for all the sponsorship, let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like me to mention on social media.


Corrina x

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