The weekend we race a smaller event in Czech at Zadov (a ski field town). T

The race is a part of the Czech Cup series and is bigger than our NZ Nationals.

It was a great run event with lots of riders, live streaming to YouTube and many teams present.

The course was a mixture of grass, forest and rock gardens with some big climbs.

The riders really enjoyed the racing and Matt took 3rd place to get a podium and much needed valuable UCI points for the next World Cup starting grid position.


Junior Men: Ethan 15th , Ben 35 th and James DNF – retired with knee issues.

Junior Women: Mia 5th, Annabel 8th , both getting UCI points and $ 1000 & $600 respectively

U23 Women: Amelie DNF - retired with dizziness from concussion at Albstadt

U23 Men: Matt 3rd. UCI points and $2000 prize money

Always great to win prize money but it was Czech so $ 600 buys 10 ice creams only

Next weekend is our next race in Slovakia. Another country cup race like Zadov so hopefully we have some great results again.

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