This race was even more impressive and one of the favourites of the World Cup scene.

The crowds were huge and the team area very central making for a great vibe.

We get 30m2 of free space as a UCI team but as they had space in the Elite UCI team area, we were put over there with all the top teams. Watching the very best riders bike past our gazebo, test bikes, sign autographs and have selfies was pretty cool.

The track is a forest track with some steep rooty up hills and technical rock gardens.

The riders all loved this track and felt very comfortable here.

Often it rains at this track turning it into a muddy, slippery race of attrition. Not this weekend, it was super-hot and the pollen was crazy thick.


Junior Men: James 48, Ethan 92, Ben 101

Junior Women: Mia 56, Annabel 61

U23 Men: Matt 42, Cameron 60 Again great results for just our 2nd race this trip.

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