The event was massive with the best riders in the world supported by multimillion-dollar race budgets.

We set up our gazebo, flags and tear drop Deep South banner in the team area. Might be something to work on next year as we didn’t have a dedicated truck, motor home and food truck for our base – But we are here!

The riders saw all their idols, got to ride with their idols on practice laps and see how fast they really are.

Most of the race field starts in the men’s were 140+ riders and almost 100 riders for the women’s.

Results are:

Junior Men - James 60th, Ethan 93rd, Ben 125th

Junior Woman - Mia 52nd, Annabel 64th

U23 Men - Cameron 27th, Matt 42nd (and congrats to Matt for making 48 spots from his starting position)

U23 Women - Amelie DNF after her crash and was stretched off the hill. She has suffered a concussion so will be off the bike for a few weeks.

Elite Women – Anna retired after lap one with illness.

For many their aim was not to have an 80% exit out of the race. Where your lap time is getting to much slower than the leaders time so you are retired from the race. No one was 80% and many made positions up during the races showing they are faster than their grid start positions. I was so proud of their efforts as it was their very first World Cup against the best in the world.

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