Cameron Smith - Boxing Injuries

Approximately 1 and a half months ago, I tore 80% of my Subscapularis (as seen in the diagram) in my left shoulder, caused by constant wear and tear, and intense training sessions.

From this injury, I was barely able to lift my arm as there was no strength in the entire limb.

I saw a doctor to see if surgery was required, luckily no surgery was needed, but to regain full strength it would be a long healing process that would take roughly 6 months.

I have been readily attending a physio and have been completing exercises to regain this strength.

In the first few weeks of the injury, I lost a substantial amount of muscle tissue but am slowly gaining this muscle back.

It has been extremely frustrating, as I am unable to perform simple punches due to a lack of strength.

Currently, I am relearning how to throw punches with my left arm which is a long process but one I am determined to complete.

I have been able to just start going back to the gym and work on other parts of my body that are functional, so I am taking this time to grow and work on the weaknesses of my game.

I am going to every length I can to help heal this injury. I believe that this has given me an opportunity to come back stronger than ever, and to turn this negative into a positive. 

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