I raced 8 times across 8 weekends in a row chopping and changing between French grand pres with my French team, Conti cups and the Spanish series where I was representing New Zealand. 

I have truly gone and thrown myself into the deep end of international triathlon and tripled my race experience by doing so. It was massive learning curve and I think it nearly killed me racing training and travelling so much but was necessary due to my lack of experience in the sport having only done it for about 2 years. 

Overall the trip went really well and I gained so much insight into the demands of triathlon on the International stage and what skills and levels of swimming biking and running is required to reach the top step of the sport. I now know where I sit in respect to the best triathletes in the world and I am very motivated to get back to Cambridge with the Triathlon Nz programme and get to work so I can come back to Europe next season ready to rumble. I gave it everything I had every day, I had really good races, really hard and fast races and bad races. 

I think most importantly after all the racing in all the walks of international triathlon in Europe with much more insight I can now see the pathway to the top step of the sport and know what I need to do to get there. 

For me now I am back in NZ at home in Auckland having a week of rest before I get back to work in Cambridge with the Tri Nz team to build up for the summer series in New Zealand in November. 

Thanks so much for your guys support!! I couldn’t do it without you guys and I really look forward to bringing more success to our team! 

Bring it on! 


P.s Holy moly it was good to get home to crack back into the Horley's Protein bars and Powders. All I had in Europe were the Gels for racing and I think Horley's Bars and chocolate protein powder along side some NZ peanut butter are irreplaceable. Great to be home again :).

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