Austin Carter European Tour

I was just getting in touch to update on my current Europe race campaign and my position in TriNZ

I have settled in well to my High performance base camp in Vitoria Gastiez Spain after a very long travel mission from New Zealand. 

I am currently on a flight to Nice in France to do my first French Grand Pre race under my French Team Valence, all is well and I am feeling very ready to race. 

Unfortunately I cannot promote the Horleys logo on this race suit due to the teams having their own individual sponsors however this will bring my Instagram a lot of attention and I will be sure to make a post about Horleys whilst at the race to ensure maximum exposure.

I have also moved up the NZ ranks via the three Conti cups we raced in NZ for selection and received a TAPS from HPSNZ and am now in the elite programme for triathlon, so all is going well. 

The food in Europe is delicious and the weather is starting to get really good I am fit and healthy and looking forward to debuting my first international race as a Elite NZ Triathlete!




Austin Carter TRINZ

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