Being ‘good’, sticking to a ‘diet', can be a struggle.  You’re busy, there’s a family to feed, friends to socialise with … moods that require the medicinal application of chocolate.  Plus, healthy food can be a bit inconvenient at times.  Although it may feel like it, food is not the enemy.  To lose weight you do need to eat a little less, but you can get clever about it.  You can eat something that gives you the power to manage your appetite.

That something is protein.  Protein is nature's ‘satisfaction’ nutrient.  Higher protein foods are naturally more filling and can boost your metabolism. 

That’s what Sculpt is.  A high protein meal or snack that fills you up, keeps you going, and helps you control your calorie intake.


Why does Sculpt work?

  • You feel fuller - which means you’re less inclined to overeat
  • You stay satisfied for longer – that helps avoid cravings
  • You enjoy a steady release of energy with more stable blood sugar levels for better appetite control
  • Your metabolism gets a lift – protein requires more energy to digest, and it’s harder to store as body fat

Sculpt can be used as a meal replacement but the fantastic thing is that it’s much more than that.  Sculpt helps balance your protein intake throughout the day, rather than just cramming it in at dinnertime.  Popping a grilled chicken breast in your purse might not be ideal, but Sculpt is completely handbag compatible.

With the power of protein to manage your appetite, Sculpt can help you reach your goals at a pace that works for you.


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