At Horleys it’s our top priority to keep continually working to stay ahead and bring you the best sports nutrition on the market, whatever your goals might be.

New formulations, new flavours and brand new products – here are just a few of our most recent developments:


For General Nutritional Support

100% Whey (340g)


Because we know how important taste is in keeping you motivated with your nutritional plan, we’ve combined chocolate and banana in this tasty new blend that has all the benefits of our other 100% Whey flavours, including 75% protein. It’s just like a perky nana only protein-packed!


For Muscle & Mass Gain

Lean Gain


This is a brand new formula based on a classic, to help the everyday gainer. We’ve improved upon our discontinued Body Build formula, adding some improvements including higher protein, slightly less carbs and sugar, and added MCTs to better assist your gains.


For Weight Loss

Slim Shake


We created Slim Shake after seeing that the meal replacement options available to you on the market often have fructose or other sugars added – which isn’t what you want when you’re looking to lose weight! Nutritionally complete and with 40% protein, we also added green tea to boost metabolism and assist fat loss.

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