Liam Lamb

Liam Lamb

Discipline: Track Athlete

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More about me

I am 20 years old, a middle-distance runner who specialises in events ranging from 1500m-5000m. I am studying a Bachelor of Sports Management, minoring in marketing part-time through Massey University. I am a member of the Massey Academy of Sport and have future ambitions of Qualifying for the Olympics.


Approach to training and nutrition:

My coach Mark Harris and I have spent a very long time building a solid foundation through high school which has enabled me to gain the results I have today. We’ve always focused on low mileage and enjoyment of the sport through high school participating in multiple sports to build relationships, keep things exciting and reduce the overall pressures of athletics. After high school we would then use that solid foundation built to increase the mileage sensibly, focusing more heavily on the sport. Nutrition is one of my main focuses where my goal is to stay healthy which enables me to do the training I do.  Horleys assists me to recover and perform to the best of my ability.

My biography

How did you get into Athletics?

Through football. I started off as a footballer and through that built up some decent general fitness. I then realised I was seeking results on the running scene so decided to switch my focus on running.

I enjoy surfing and football but don’t have much time to pursue these passions as running takes up a large portion of my day-to-day life.


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Sporting Achievements


  • NZ 3000M Champs, SM, 9th, 8:13.89
  • NZ Mile Champs, SM, 6th, 4:04.85
  • ELITE OTQ 5000M, SM, 4th, 14:17.55
  • Capital Classics Elite 1500m, SM, 3:50.00
  • NZ T&F Champs 1500m, SM, 4th, 4:02.67
  • World University Games 1500m Qualifier, Open, 1st, 3:43.23


  • NZ U20 3000M Champs, U20, 1st, (U20 Stadium Record Holder) 8:24.79
  • NZ U20 NZ XC Champs, U20, 3rd, 27:44
  • NZ U20 Road Race Champs, U20, 1st, 26:07
  • Night of 5’s Elite Race, Open, 9th, 14:29.62


  • NZ T&F Champs, 5000m, U20, 3rd, 15:52.5
  • Australian XC Champs, 6x3000m relay, U20, 3rd, 53:30.4


Qualifying for the World University Games in both the 1500m and 5000m for 2022.

Ranked 4th all-time in NZ History for Junior boys (19 or under) over 1500m

Ranked 5th all-time in NZ History for Junior boys (19 or under) over 3000m

Ranked 8th all-time in NZ History for Junior boys (19 or under) over the mile


Biggest achievement so far and why?

Running 3:43.23 at 19 years old. This race displayed the true form I was in during the long track season and made me realise that the only thing which is stopping me is me. It has given me a huge confidence boost for the coming summer where I have some huge goals such as qualifying for the Commonwealth games.

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