Corrina Scott

Corrina Scott

Discipline: Natural Bodybuilding

Horleys has such an amazing range of top-quality products that fuel me in my sport of bodybuilding. Right from the off-season when I’m all about gaining muscle the Whey Proteins are my building blocks, as well as the BCAA’s & protein bars/Carbless Treats. When I start to lean out for competitions the Plant Pro protein comes in & because the Low Carb bars are so low in fats & carbs I almost use can them right the way through! Thanks Horleys! 

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More about me

Tell us about yourself:
I’m a 46yr old, working mother of 3, step mum of 2, all under 11! I was a Police Officer for 14 yrs. I come from a background of cycling/mountain biking & multi-sport such as The Coast to Coast. I started having children later in life at 35, having my last one 4yrs ago at 42yrs.

My biography

How did you get into Body Building?
In 2018 I decided to join the gym because they had a preschool that offered 2hr sessions for mums. I enjoyed it so much I decided to tick off my bucket list dream of competing in a bodybuilding competition. I signed up with a coach and competed in my very first show in March 2019.

Approach to training and nutrition:
Put in the work & continue striving to improve & be the best that I can.


Sporting Achievements


ICN Capital City Classic

  • 1st Masters Figure 40+
  • 1st Open Figure
  • Overall Figure Champion


  • I won the Overall Figure at the very first ICN show


  • I competed in my very first show


Biggest achievement so far and why?

This would be my overall win at ICN Capital City Show where I presented my best physique and conditioning to date. 

ICN has selected me to be part of the Oceania Team to represent NZ in Australia in October!  …. Excited

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