Brianna Carson

Brianna Carson

Discipline: Triathlon


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More about me

I have been a competitive triathlete since I was 15. When training and racing I feel at peace and a sense of freedom. I am a student at Waikato University, studying a bachelor of health and sport majoring in human performance science and psychology. I suffer from a rare health condition known as gastroparesis but am pushing my limits as I believe if someone truly wants something, they can do it, despite their circumstances.

I am excited for what life has to bring and to continue on my Journey in Triathlon

My biography

How did you get into your sport?
I got into triathlon as I was a competitive swimmer as a kid and through my teacher in intermediate making us go on regular runs, I found that I was actually not to bad at running. I then started training in running as I got older and through help from my older brother Liam and my dad Myles, I started cycling and taking triathlon on as a sport.

Approach to training and nutrition:
I always like to ensure that I get enough for what I put out. Horleys allows me to do this to the next level. I am able to get fast fuel when I need it through having a gel and can improve my recovery through consuming a protein bar or shake straight after training so that I am ready for my next training.


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Sporting Achievements

In 2018 I won the ITU Aqualthlon World Champs and have won the wellington regional triathlon sprint champs for under 20’s on multiple occasions. I have also placed 3rd at the NZ open water swim champs in the 10km and won the splash and dash series in wellington.

Short Term Goals:

My short term goals are to compete at a range of events and and improve on my times, especially in the cycle.

Long Term Goals:

Long term, I would like to travel around Europe and compete in the range of races over their that World Triathlon put on whilst representing NZ.

Biggest achievement so far and why?:

My biggest achievement would have to be my win at World Champs in 2018 as I did not even think I would make it onto the podium. This was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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