Austin Carter

Austin Carter

Discipline: Triathlon

Triathlon has 3 disciplines the Swim, Bike and Run. Nutrition is the 4th discipline, that’s why I use Horley’s products. Enabling me to couple my High Performance training with High Performance Nutrition.

Connect with Austin Carter:

More about me

Tell us about yourself:
I am 20 years old and I am currently being coached by High Performance Triathlon Coach Jamie Turner. I am from Auckland and have been in triathlon for 2 years.


My biography

How did you get into Triathlon?
I was originally a Rower at Auckland Grammar School and due to my lack of height and size I explored swimming and running in my last year of school and committed to becoming a triathlete at the start of 2020.

Approach to training and nutrition:
I approach all my training sessions with a goal in mind and I set myself up as best as I can to achieve that goal. Each training session is specific and requires specific nutritional consumption in order to maximise that session. Horley’s products enable me to achieve my specific nutrition requirements for specific sessions ultimately maximising the adaption I get from sessions to maximise my performance as an athlete.

Other notes of interest:
I am a keen surfer and am currently undertaking a bachelors degree in business with major in marketing

Short Term Goals:
My short term goals are to achieve 2 ITU Continental Cup podiums and a U23 world champs podium, this will give me a world ranking to then race in World Cups and then onto the elite international stage.

Long Term Goals:
My long term goals are to win the World Triathlon Championship series and win an Olympic Gold Medal in the elite triathlon Men’s field.

Biggest achievement so far and why?:
My biggest achievement so far would have to be coming 3rd in the Maadi cup as a rower, I spent 4 years training for that moment and it taught me what high performance is and what it takes to achieve a big goal that you set in the years before the event. I have taken these learnings and put them to use for my future triathlon aspirations.


Sporting Achievements

In My First Season of Triathlon:

•      Selected for the High-Performance Triathlon New Zealand National Tracking Squad 2021.

•      1st U20 6th Elite at New Plymouth Sprint National Champs 2021.

•      26th Elite Men’s Oceania Cup Port Douglas Australia 2021.

•      2nd U20 and 7th Elite Blue Lakes RATS Triathlon 2021.

•      2nd U20 and 7th Elite Timaru Triathlon 2021.

•      3rd Elite Male Kinloch Sprint Triathlon 2021.

•      1st place Oamaru Open Male 2020.

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