Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams

Discipline: Athletics – Shot put

"I really like the protein shakes and protein bars and love the convenience of these products when travelling."

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Tell us about yourself:
I love competing in my sport, love travelling although often don’t get to do much touring, love going to the markets, supporting my home country New Zealand and most of all I love my family, they are my life.

How did you get into shot put?
When I was at school and was 14, I was told to give shot put a try by a teacher so I picked one up and threw it in bare feet and broke the school record by two metres. The rest is history.

My biography

Approach to training and nutrition:
No pain, no gain

Other notes of interest:
•  Speak four languages, French, Tongan, English and Wallisian (language of Wallis and Futuna)
•  Love to potter in the garden and play loud music


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Sporting Achievements


  • Olympic Champion, London, England
  • Female Athlete of the Year Track and Field News
  • World Indoor Champion
  • Winner of IAAF Diamond League



  • World Track and Field Championships, Daegu, Gold (championship record 21.24m, new NZ and Oceania record)
  • Winner of IAAF Diamond League



  • Intercontinental Champion (World Cup)
  • Commonwealth Games, New Dehli, Gold (commonwealth record) 



  • World Track and Field Championships, Berlin, Gold
  • World Finals Winner



  • Olympic Champion - new NZ and Oceania Record 20.56m
  • World Indoor Champion



  • World Track and Field Championships, Osaka, Gold - new NZ and Oceania Record 20.54m



  • World Cup in Athletics, Silver
  • Commonwealth Games, Gold (Commonwealth Games Record 19.66)



  • World Track and Field Championships, Helsinki, Bronze Medal



  • Olympic Games, Athens 8th place



  • World Cup in Athletics, Madrid 6th place
  • World Track and Field Championships, Paris 5th place



  • Commonwealth Games, Manchester, Silver Medal
  • World Junior Track and Field Championships, Kingston, Gold Medal



  • World Youth Track and Field Championships, Debrecen, Gold Medal (set a new championship record)



  • World Junior Track and Field Championships, Bydgoszcz, 10th place (at 14 years of age)



  • Current New Zealand and Oceania Record Holder with Personal Best of 21.24 in chosen discipline Shot-put in all age groups for NZ records


Biggest achievement so far and why?
Both my Olympic titles are very special. Also my world title in 2011 as it was a big one at the time for myself and my coach Jean Pierre, as I equalled the championship record and Pb 21.24m.

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