Kosta Mills

Kosta Mills

Discipline: Track Athlete – Middle Distance

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More about me

I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at AUT in Auckland. The main event I am most passionate about is 800m but would like to compete more in 400m. I am the youngest of 6 siblings and was born and raised in the Rural parts of Masterton. 

My biography

How did you get into Athletics?

Parents guided me towards athletics as my brothers and sisters and I used to run at the local Wednesday night club meets. From there I picked up the passion for competing and improving in this sport.


Approach to training and nutrition:
To trust the process, be patient. Stay clean, with a well-balanced diet. Use electrolytes during hard sessions, to keep energy levels up minimise lactic acid. Use Plant Pro, protein 33, 100% whey after training, especially within 20 mins after a session. 


Sporting Achievements


  • Goal setting, aiming to cut my 800m time down to 1:50’s
  • Currently ranked 10th in u20 800m with a time from last season - 1:56.82 done at capital classics
  • Utilising the support from those that are around me – Horleys Intelligent Nutrition, physio, coaches, parents.



  • 2020 Club Nationals 800m u18 Boys 3rd with a PB: 1:57.94.
  • Inter-school Senior boys 400m 1st PB: 52.46.
  • Regionals senior 800m 1st.
  • Regionals senior 400m 1st.
  • Ranked 3rd in New Zealand for u18 boys 800m



Ranked 17th in NZ u18 800m with a time of 1:58.56       


Biggest achievement so far and why?

  • 2020 Club Nationals 800m u18 Boys 3rd with a PB: 1:57.94. The first national competition where I stood on the podium representing Wairarapa. Also managed to PB in that race, which just shows that on this day all the training I had done just all came together. 
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