Kim Cadzow

Kim Cadzow

Discipline: Road Cycling

“nutrition is an athletes secret weapon to outcompete their competition. Nutrition can make a good athlete great or a great athlete good” With backing from Horleys Nutrition I know I’m in great hands!

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More about me

Hi, I’m Kimberly. I am a 20-year-old road cyclist from Wanaka, Studying a bachelor of sports management. I absolutely love riding my bikes and am taking them over this year to ride my first season on the European circuit with my team Torelli.

My biography

During the last 8 years I’ve been a competitive swimmer, mountain biker, and professional long-distance triathlete at a national and elite level. My brother introduced my family and I to riding mountain bikes in Rotorua, instantly I fell in love with the trails and riding my bike. I made the move to full time road cycling and haven’t looked back!

Approach to training and nutrition:
When training I love to work hard and suffer as strange as it sounds. My coaching team Endurance Sport Performance always focus on quality over quantity. I like to see how far I can push and challenge myself and with this in mind I strongly focus on fuel before training, during training and after. I have used Horelys in my recovery shakes for a very long time and find it’s the only whey protein that agrees with my stomach! This is so important for me after hard session as I want to get the gains from my hard training rather than lose that muscle so I make sure to get this down within 30 Minutes. I also use Horleys replace powder during my rides for boosting my carbohydrate intake and replace electrolytes. As I have always said, nothing in life runs on empty so why try to train on empty.



Sporting Achievements


  • NZ elite nationals U23 time trial champion
  • NZ elite nationals U23 3rd place road race
  • NZ age group nationals time trial U23 3rd place 2020
  • NZ age groups road race U23 3rd place 2020
  • Crankworx cross country series 3rd place 
  • U19 South Island national champion
  • Challenge Wanaka U20 winner - Tri NZ National champion, long distance tri

Short Term Goals:

  • Podium on the continental circuit
  • Podium at Oceanias
  • Go to world champs in the next 2 years

Long Term Goals:

  • Compete at the Olympics both in time trial and the road race
  • Make it onto a world tour team
  • Compete at the commonwealth games

Biggest achievement so far and why?:

U23 time trial champion 2022. I am relatively green to road racing and this result really helped prove to myself that I am capable of racing hard and fast.

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