Greig Hamilton

Greig Hamilton

Discipline: Rogaine / Adventure Racing

Horleys Replace Gels are my go-to for all Rogaines. They're a great way to keep my energy levels up!

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More about me

I'm currently living in Christchurch with three young kids. This is a very rewarding but busy time and means I have to be very focused to actually get out training and to make the most of it. It also means that I can't lie on the couch to recover anymore, I'm straight back into playing with the kids so getting the right recovery nutrition is absolutely key. 

My biography

How did you get into Rogaines?

I came from a tramping and mountaineering background and then discovered orienteering and finally rogaines while at university. Since then I have traveled around the world to race. I find rogaines are the perfect mix of endurance, speed, and thinking. It takes all three aspects to do well and the fact that every event is different means that there is so much variety it's hard to ever get bored. The planning aspect is also really important, it's possible to lose a race before the start if you're too ambitious or have a poor route. Then even if you have a good plan you still need to be able to complete it.



Favourite Products

Sporting Achievements

2020 - 1st New Zealand Rogaine Championships

2018 - 3rd Australasian Rogaine Championships  

2017 - 1st World Rogaine Championships

2016 - 1st World Rogaine Championships  


Biggest achievement so far and why?

It's hard to pick the biggest achievement but probably winning the World Rogaine Champs in Latvia, there was a lot of tough competition and to win in a foreign country the first time was really special. I'm also pretty stoked with my Barkley Marathon's fun run, it was 36hrs of highs and lows but it's tinged with a bit of sadness for what could have been, so the world champs win has to be the top pick.

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