Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith

Discipline: Boxer

Representing the reputable Horley's name is a dream come true for me and I represent the brand to the best of my ability.

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More about me

I am 16, currently attending Orewa College, and am a Head Prefect for the school. I have participated in many sports over my short life and have been successful in almost every aspect.

My biography

How did you get into Boxing?

I started my journey in 2012 where I started practicing Zen Do Kai, a form of mixed martial arts. I continued for 5 years where I then completed my blackbelt. A few years after gaining my blackbelt I decided to pick up the gloves and set a goal for myself to have a fight, inspired by Israel Adesanya. In 2020 I had my first Amateur fight and have now set my sights on national titles and to ultimately represent my country.

Approach to training and nutrition:
As a growing and developing athlete a lean protein source is ideal for my intense training regime.


Favourite Products

Sporting Achievements


  • I completed the Khatmandu coast to coast and won the schools tandem division
  • 1st Golden Gloves Title


  • I competed in the Khatmandu coast to coast as a team of three (I was cycling) and placed 5th in the school's team division


  • I won the Taranaki tennis open which qualified me for the nationals


      •  I aim to compete in several different triathlons throughout the year and eventually compete in the NZ Ironman 70.3 in Taupo at the end of the year.


Biggest achievement so far and why?

My biggest achievement would have to be the 2021 Golden gloves title. I had put in an extreme amount of hard work through training and dieting. I had put countless hours of my time into achieving this goal. I fought against a prestigious opponent and defending champion. I dug deep and fought my way to the title. This qualifies me for the Nationals in October and ranks me as one of the top fighters in my weight class.

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